Download 3DS Emulator

Currently, there are 42.1 K successfull downloads and continuing since 09/24/2014.

Note: Before downloading this free software you must understand that we do not provide any warranty. It is not the intent of the software to play stolen games. Also, take a loot at both FAQ and system requirements section if you have any trouble with installing or downlaoding the emulator.

How to play games in 3DSemu

  1. Download the file from the above section and extract it into a folder.
  2. Open 3DSemu.exe file and install/setup the emulator.
  3. Download the BIOS from the bios section here. Open the bios.exe which will place the required bios files into the 3DSemu directory.
  4. Now open 3DSemu from start menu, if the emulator finds the bios files it will open sucessfully.
  5. Download the ROM files of the game you wish to play from google.
  6. Browse the ROM files from the file menu and star Playing !