3DS Emulator Research Project

3DSemu commonly known as 3DS Emulator is a closed source nintendo 3ds emulator for windows. 3DSemu name is derived from 3ds emulator (in short emu). 3DSemu is capable of emulating nintendo 3ds games in Windows platform with some minor errors/bugs which will be fixed soon in v 3.0. The emulator doesnot work in Linux, MAC OS or Wii and we are not planning to make one for these platforms.

What's in 3DSemu v 2.1 :

  • FAT/CompactFlash emulation
  • Synchronous SPU mode to fix streaming sounds
  • Fixes a number of bugs in the emulation core

3ds emulator

3DS Emulator Performance

download 3ds emulator The 3DSemu comes with default settings, the performance of the 3ds emulator varies from game to game depending on the graphics requirement of the game. You can adjust the settings to get high performance boost. It is possible to gain upto +20 FPS which is not an easy thing to achieve. Based on the settings games are playable at high quality, upto 720p. Before directly diving into playing the games you would want to check out the listed system requirements to use the emulator without any issues.

If you are facing any crashes while playing any game, it is recommended that you restart the emulator for better performance. For some games you should probably check the "Disable Fog" option under "Emulation" settings.

3DS Emulator Features

3DSemu comes with many features which may not be as many as the real 3ds console. We expect to make it better in future. Some of the futures that everyone loved in the beta test are

  • Game Save: You can save a running game and come back reload the game to play whenever you wish to.

  • Anti-Aliasing Filtering: This feature makes the games look more realistic which usualy depends on the graphics card of your machine.

  • You can play the game in maximum screen resolution usng full screen feature upto 720p.

  • Sound Network: Game sounds are as good as they are in real 3ds console www.nintendo.com/3ds.